Stockholm Café Guide

Before visiting a city I usually spend days looking up cute cafés and restaurants, so I know where to fill my stomach while being there. Therefore, I decided to sum up the cutest places I came across while visiting the capital of Sweden, Stockholm. I'm absolutely positive that Stockholm has endless amounts of lovely cafés, but these are three options I found the best and mostly recommendable. If you know more spots and places to see and stay in Stockholm, leave a comment. 

Fabrique Stenugnsbageri


The Fabrique bakery is a place I looked up online before my cousin and I started our journey to the capital of Sweden. It's minimalist design and offer of delicious buns and breads are something  that attracted me from the beginning. Before actually going there, I walked by a few times with the need to visit the bakery at least once before catching our flight back to Germany. So, on our very last day I decided to take the time to enjoy one of their Kar  and take some photographs for memories. The music playing in the background was light and soothing, the girl behind the counter extremely lovely and kind and the whole atmosphere fitting for a Sunday morning in a city. You can find the Fabrique bakery fifteen times in Stockholm (as long as I counted right). I also overhead two passengers on the streets (yes, I like to eavesdrop) talking about the bakery being a spot for locals, which makes it even it even more worth the visit. Overall, I highly recommend visiting Fabrique, if you are looking for an uncrowded and relaxing place for a break while eating Swedish goodies or taking some Instagram worthy pictures.



Sophie's Canelé


Sophie's Canelé is a café I ran across, while looking for the library of the city. It looked extremely inviting from the outside and even more so on the inside and at that time I wasn't complaining about a nice cup of coffee. So, I decided to take a quick break from sight-seeing and enjoy some minutes in the café. The Latte Macchiato I ordered was warming and delicious and I highly recommend choosing a chair at the marble bar table in front of the big window. You will have a nice view over the busy street and it's passengers. Overall the café was quite visited at that time of day (well, it was coffee time, so who's surprised), therefore almost no tables were available anymore. But Sophie's Canelé is a very recommendable spot for taking a break while visiting the city.


Wayne's Coffee

Wayne's Coffee is one the more popular places for coffee, tea and pastries you can find in Stockholm. You can mostly find it in Södermalm (the more "hipster" part of the city) and Norrmalm (the shopping part of Stockholm). Wayne's Coffee is a place that's almost always well-visited , well according to my experience. What I liked the most is the massive range of hot drinks they have to offer and their affordable prices, at least for the capital of Sweden. If you do not want to spend a fortune on coffee and pastries , this is the place to go to. Wayne's Coffee is located around 15 times in Stockholm, so you will more than likely run across it at least once during your stay.