45 Facts About Me


I am 5'8"

I love spicy food

I am scared of driving

I colored my hair dark brown for two years

My first word in English was honey

I am a pieces

I was born in March 1999

I love the band One Direction

I played volleyball for six years

The first CD I bought was Las Ketchup - The Ketchup Song

I am a sandwich baby: One older brother and a younger sister

I prefer pasta over pizza

People say my ears look like fairy ones

I have never broken a bone

I do not have a middle name

I was born in Macclesfield (Great Britain)

I'm left-handed

I am a crier, I cry because of the smallest things

I hate the way feet look

I don't think that I look good with makeup on

My hair is thinner than air (that rhymes)

I enjoy cooking and baking

I get really awkward at social occasions

I do believe in ghosts

I love reading

I sleep with an open window

I have a bucket list

I hate the subject chemistry

I do not like the summer season

I am obsessed with looking at city lights

I do not get a tan (I just get red)

I have a small box, where I keep small treasures I find 

I do believe in love at first sight

I hate drinking water without gas

I have three bunnies

I used to collect stones

I had around 50 Barbie dolls when I was younger

The first concert I went to, was a One Direction concert in 2013

I prefer Pepsi over Coca Cola

I am interested in interior design

I can never own enough fluffy socks

I'd love to go on a cruise one day

I can buckle on toe alone (the one next to my big toe)

I love the water (the sea, rivers etc.)

my favorite subjects in school were art, history and English

 Love, Neele!