First of all, want to apologize for my absence and for no new blogposts in almost a month. I actually planed on uploading a post about some photography stuff a tried last week, but it didn't turn out the way I wanted to. It made me really frustrated and I didn't want to put something up that I wasn't really proud of. Though, the post is completely written and ready to go, if you'd like me to upload it anyway. Let me know! 

Now let's get to this post. Through out the past year I had to improve my packing skills quite a bit. And because I travelled quite a bit, you'd think that I would actually know by then what to pack. But, I always forgot something. Sometimes it wasn't something massively important, but sometime it was. And when I miss something, I can get really annoying to be around. That's why I created my own travel packing guide to assist me in packing times, because I actually like packing, the unpacking part not so much though (I once lived out of a suitcase for over a weak, because I just didn't unpack). I'm not accelerating. know you can already find thousand and thousands of packing list on the internet, but maybe you haven't find the right one for you yet and maybe this is it. Please keep in mind, that this is just what I would take with me and maybe this list doesn't fit to you at all. I'm not going to tell you how many items you should take of each category, because that's depending on the amount of days you're planing on traveling and what you are going to do. And let's be honest, I always take at least three more tops "just in case" with me than necessary. This is just a list of items I'd take with me on vacation or a trip. Just click on the link down below!