I was never really the girl, who wore dresses. Of course I had a few in my closet when I was younger and occasionally wore them, but I would always catch myself grabbing a pair of jeans or pants. I guess I just wasn't comfortable wearing them. I didn't feel safe and secure, especially wearing them to school. Who knows when a gust of wind kindly decides to expose my entire backside to innocent school companions? Exactly, no one! And it's actually a shame, because I love how they look, not necessarily on me, but in general. That's why I decided to start wearing dresses more. And luckily I found the perfect one to begin with. 


It's this white button down dress from Zara. The light material is perfect for the summer heat (especially this year) and the heart shaped neckline just looks so flattering. More so in combination with the spaghetti straps, which I just adore in general. 


I also love the length of it. Some would call it awkward, but I like how just a little bit of legs are showing, but not too much. And if I'm in an easy mood, I can just undo some buttons to create a sort of slip in the middle. I usually unbutton about two to three, so I won't show my underwear. I love it so much and I feel so comfortable wearing it. More comfortable than I've ever thought I would feel in a dress. And the best part are the pockets on the side!


I do not intend to make this sound like and advertisement. Not at all! I just want to share something I love with you, because I enjoy reading blogpost from other people about things they love enjoy. 

Please ignore the red dots on my hands and legs. Mosquitos seem to love my company this summer.