Recently I've discovered the importance of accessories when it comes to putting an outfit together. Almost a year ago you would've never seen me wearing jewelry or another item of accessory, only for special occasions. A couple month ago I started to really get into different kind of jewelry, necklaces, earrings and rings. It probably bloomed from me getting my ears pierced in November last year. So I started to collect some staple and versatile items I could wear through out the year and decided to write a blogpost about said small but loved collection. Some of the pieces have a meaning or a story behind them and some are for fashion purpose only. 

I like to wear both silver and gold jewelry (not real gold haha!), because I think life is too short to focus on just one kind of jewelry and honestly, my preference changes daily. Some days I'm into really dainty silver pieces and on the other days I love bigger gold ones. 



Never in a million years I thought I would actually use a watch (having a phone and everything), but as soon as I got it for Christmas it wasn't just a fashion accessory, more a really handy helper in my day to day life. Just a quick look to your wrist instead of emptying your purse content on the floor to find your phone. I love it. I'm really into the black wrist band combined with the silver pointers and details of this Ik Colouring watch. And because I'm probably the clumsiest person you'll ever meet, I'm more than relieved that it wasn't worth a fortune and I can easily get one again, in case this one breaks. 


My first pair of earrings were silver with a sparkly little stone and from then on I only wore silver ones. Either with a second one dangling or ones in different sizes. They usually are made of 925 Sterling Silver, which is really affordable and easy to get at almost every jewelery store here in Germany. I know that a lot of people get allergic reactions when wearing this kind of silver, but I haven't had any (yet!) and hopefully it stays that way. Lately I've been switching back and forth between said silver ones and bigger gold ones (not real gold, haha!), which I got from store called SIX. They look sophisticated and eye catching, at least that's what I like to think. 


And this wouldn't be a blogpost about jewelry, if it didn't include hoops. Hoops are probably the most staple and worn kinds of earrings ever. They're are classics. 

This double layered necklace from ASOS is one of my newest additions. You've probably all seen those beautiful pictures with round and oval layered necklaces that are going around the internet and I totally fell in love with the way they look. I usually wear it with a simple singlet or nice easy blouse. 


This ring actually has a story behind it. My sister got it for me for my nineteenth birthday. She told me that she chose this one looking like a cute tiara, because it remembered her of the times we used to dress up as princesses when we were younger (it was more me chasing after her and forcing her to put the costumes on!). 

These are my favorite dainty necklaces. I think they're really cute and not too in your face. Some days I like to wear something, but not too much. The third and longest one I got from my aunt, so it's dear to my heart. All three necklaces are made of 925 Sterling Silver.


When my great grandma died, one of the things she left behind was this cute little ring. According to my grandma it is real gold and the little stone is a real ruby. It is a sentimental piece, that I don't want to miss. And even though it's slightly bent, it's still and always will be perfect for me. 

Do you have any jewelry dear to your heart?