I've always loved knowing what's in somebody's purse. Call me noisy and creepy, but isn't it exciting to see the things someone's carrying around all day and their explanation for it (believe me, there are some weird ones). So I wanted to make a post about my purse and what's usually inside. Disclaimer, I do not carry around three different shades of lipsticks, because let's be honest, I can't even do my lipstick accordingly at home, let alone while being on the go. I do like to carry around the basic things, which already weight a ton. 


Bag from Zara 

I am currently using the medium-sized shopper from Zara. It is also available in red and light grey.

Phone & Keys

As we probably all do, I keep my keys in my purse (for obvious reasons). Though I'm still looking for a cute but not too big key chain, because I tend to lose them in my bag more than I'd like.

Next I have my phone. I'm currently using the iPhone 5s in gold. It's extremely loved and appreciated. I'm not that kind of person, that needs a new phone every year (if you do, that's also fine!). I rather use my phones till they're practically falling apart and losing their soul, before I invest in a new one, because I won't feel as bad spending that much money then. The case I'm using at the moment is a black and white marble one, that I got from Amazon.


Space & Miracles

At the beginning of a day my purse always looks well organized and clean. Through out the day it can get a little messy, due to added junk. So I always need my purse to be some kind of  space miracle.

Wallet & Sunglasses

My wallet is also one of the basics, who would've thought. For years I was looking for a new wallet to invest in, I never saw one I really liked, But recently I stumbled upon the Picard Offenbach 4297 and fell in love with it. My lovely parents decided to get the wallet for my 19th birthday, which I'm extremely thankful for. It kind of developed to my baby.

Since it's starting to get warmer, I carry my sunglasses around as well. The case I'm using is from Flying Tiger Copenhagen.


Wallet & Purse

I always like to have a kind of matching purse to my wallet, when it comes to color. Even though it makes it harder to find the wallet sometimes, it's just one of the things that make me happy and satisfied.


Emergency Kit & Headphones

This emergency kit actually developed out of little story. Two friends of mine and I went to a fun fair three years back and on our last ride I got cut in the ankle by one of the moving platforms. It started bleeding pretty badly and as expected, no one had a band aid in their backpack, which resulted in me practically taping a tissue to my ankle (yes, tissues can be lifesavers!). After that day I decided to always carry an emergency kit with me. It consists of different kind of aids, sanitizer towels, pain killers, a tampon (you'll never know when lovely mother nature decides to make a visit), allergy pills and a Burt's Bees chapstick.

And as we probably all do, I love music. So the headphone are a necessity.


Other Things

 Since I was little I've been obsessed with hand creme. When I was around 9 years old, I always felt the need to wash my hands after every touch I made. It became a habit of mine after some time. My mom had to practically force me to moisturize my hands after every wash. Weirdly though my habit changed from hand washing to hand moisturizing and it has been that way for almost 8 years now. Even if my hands are the tiniest bit dry, I get freaked out. That's why you'll probably always find a moisturizer in my bag.

Apart from all the usual stuff, I like to have a pen with me, because you'll never know when you might need a pen. I've been in pen-less situations far too often and I've learned my lessons. 

Tissues are also a must. As I told you before, tissues can actually safe you from bleeding to death. So ladies and gentlemen, always carry a pack of tissues with you. You'll thank me later.

If I have some space left and depending on how long I'm traveling I take a notebook and my Kindle with me to make some notes, write down ideas and thoughts and read the time away. I'm using the Kindle 1st Generation. 


I guess that's everything I carry around with me every day. 

What do you have in your bag or purse? Do you have any essentials that you'd advise to put in a bag?



CAMERA & EQUIPMENT: Nikon D3100 DSLR, Nikon DX AF-S NIKKOR 18-55mm lens


WALLET: Picard Offenbach