After traveling two times within less than three weeks, I feel happy and down at the same time. As I've expected, I got those melancholy feelings you get after traveling. And even though I was mentally prepared and knew this was going to happen, it still hit me pretty hard and faster than I've expected.

 The last time I came home from a trip, it took almost a week for the sadness to develop, due to happy feelings and euphoria. Don't get me wrong, I also got those feelings after I got back this time, but the gloomines overweights tons. The reason for me being down and having wanderlust is probably because of the fact that I haven't anymore trips planed out for the near future as of for right now. And that panics me to a certain amount. And the other reason is probably me being unsatisfied with how my life is going right now.

Before I left for Prague, I was truly unhappy with the job I have and how it is going for me. So, naturally being parted form my routine, changed those feelings and erased them from my mind, but only for the time that I was away. The second I knew I was going back the panic started to kick in. The first morning back home, I actually woke up ready to explore the secrets and streets of the city I thought I was in, until my bubble decided to blow up. Let's just say it was weird. I know I should be grateful and happy that I even got to see those beautiful places and cities (at least that's what I always tell my friends) and I really really am, but still. I realized the importance of traveling and seeing new countries and cities. I love being at home and I love knowing that I have somewhere I can always go back to, but I also need to have future plans figured out, traveling vise. I'm scared, that I will look back on this year thinking I didn't live the chances to the fullest, that I haven't taken enough time and opportunities to experience and travel. I'm scared, that I'm not using this year how I should use it. And I just realized, that I have to use these thoughts to actually get going and start planing.

If you're interested in seeing the pictures I've taken and the cafés I've visited on my recent trips, just click on the links down below.

I'm sorry, if this post turned out as a bit of a rambling, but maybe you can relate to these thoughts and feelings and have tips and tricks to overcome them. 

I'd love to hear your suggestions!