Café Letka


For our first breakfast in beautiful Prague we chose the small Café Letka near the Letenské Námêstí tram station. The first thing you notice after walking in is the unique and extremely fitting interior design- The walls having an unfinished but modern look and the tables being adorned with a vintage and used touch makes the place welcoming. The dusty pink mirror functions as a beautiful eye-catcher the moment you walk in.The menu is small but consists of anything you'd want for a good spring breakfast. We ordered the homemade yoghurt with fruits and granola, it was the best yoghurt I've ever tasted (I'm definitely going to try and recreate this). I can also recommend the sweet breakfast on the weekends or the seasonal brioche, that we got to taste the following days. Spending almost every breakfast at Café Letka I can say, that the staff is extremely lovely and welcoming, which adds to the relaxing atmosphere you get to enjoy in this place. Overall, I highly recommend staying for breakfast here, while staying in the beautiful capital of the Czech Republic.


IF Café III.


After climbing the Petrin Hill, Josefine and I decided to take a small lunch (and coffee) break. after looking up some cafés and restaurants near by, we found the IF Café III. two streets away, that we planed on visiting anyway. So, long story short, we chose to have a look at the Café IF on U Sovových street. It is located next to a small but beautiful park in a romantic looking building. The staff was welcoming and offered us a table right away. After munching on a Caesar Salat, we decided to treat ourselves with two little pastry cakes you could see on the counter. To be honest, it was hard to chose on one, due to the large variation of cakes they had to offer. In the end we decided on a carrot cake and the Citronová tartaletka . Both looked absolutely mouth watering and delicious. As of for my knowledge, there are two or three more IF Cafés in Prague. So, if you are looking for a place to get beautiful and yummy pastries, this one is your place to go to.


Bistro Proti Proudu


Because I am a massive design and interior fan, the Proti Proudu was must for me. The bistro is known for its modern and minimal interior design around design lovers. Sadly, the weren't any tables available at the time we arrived, so we decided to buy a To-Go homemade lemonade. It was really refreshing and needed, due to the warm weather we had while being in Prague (luckily). If you are an interior design lover like me, this one has to be on your bucket list.


La Bohème Café


La Bohème Café is a place that looks like a fairytale forest combined with a beautiful comfy library. Sounds weird, I know, but when you actually see it you realize how perfect those to categories harmonize to a unique place for coffee and cake. The staff is really nice and funny (and sometimes a little bit flirty) and the cakes delicious and tasty. Adding to the atmosphere is the chill out music you can notice in the background. For calming down or spending a nice and well-deserved break, La Bohème Café is the perfect place to got to.


CAMERA & EQUIPMENT: Nikon D3100 DSLR, Nikon DX AF-S NIKKOR 18-55mm lens